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Men Undergoing Fertility Treatment At Higher Prostate Cancer Risk

A recent research published in British Medical Journal stated that men who undergo treatment to enhance their fertility have a high risk of prostate cancer during old age. The researchers studied cases of 1.2 million pregnancies that were recorded in Sweden across 20 years. The men who underwent ICSI – a male specific fertility treatment – had higher risk of prostate cancer. But according to Prostate Cancer group of UK the researchers should look at a much more broad range of men before concluding that men undergoing such treatments are at high risk. The researchers belonging to Sweden’s Lund University used data from national birth and cancer registers.

They reviewed more than a million births between two decades from 1994 and 2014 and compared that with cancer registers. The records showed that while 97 % of the babies were conceived naturally around 1.7 % were conceived with the use of IVF though it not show if the fertility issues were with men or women. Around 14882 births were the result of ICSI technique in which a good quality sperm is injected into an egg. The technique was first used in Sweden during 1992 and since then every case is recorded.

The research revealed that from natural conception group around 3224 or 0.28 % were diagnosed with prostate cancer in comparison to 77 or 0.37 % of the IVF group and 63 or 0.42 % from men that underwent ICSI treatment. The report stated that men in ICSI group had high risk of developing prostate cancer before age of 55 years. According to Prof Yvonne Lundberg who led the study though the numbers of prostate cancers are small these men are quite young and as they are a small high risk group they should be followed carefully. But Prostate Cancer UK’s Simon Grieveson stated that it is important not to leap to conclusions on this study’s basis.

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