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Trial Test For Plant-Based Meat Burgers At McDonalds

A 12-week test is to begin on plant-based burger from McDonald’s.

On Thursday, the fast-food company announced that it is introducing Beyond Meat Burgers in Ontario. It will be tested at 28 restaurants located in Southwest Ontario.

Plant-based meat is becoming a trending menu in many companies. The test burger from McDonald’s will be called P.L.T. which stands for plant, lettuce, and tomato.  An alternative for meat is sought both by customers and restaurants in North America.

Vice President of global menu strategy at McDonald’s Ann Wahlgren says that the test will reveal more on customer demand and its impact on the restaurant’s operations.

Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat have been selling the vegan patties at many places. Beyond Meats products are sold at Target, Publix, Safeway, Kroger, Wholefoods and Sprouts. Impossible Burger is selling its products at grocery stores located on the East Coast and in South Carolina.

Others like KFC have teamed up with Beyond Meat to bring in plant-based fried chicken. Burger King is selling Impossible Whopper plant-based burgers.

Once the product is tested, it will be incorporated into its menu, says McDonalds. The company has announced that a topping of cheddar cheese will make it even more delicious. However, it has also warned customers that the burger will be placed in the same grill as meat, to get cooked.

CEO Steve Easter says that McDonalds continues to keep tabs on the meatless alternative market, to check if consumer preference is sustaining.

However, vegetarian products are nothing new to McDonalds. It had sold McVegan burger in Sweden and Finland in the past. But, the current generation wants a plant-based burger to taste like real meat, which is being tried by McDonalds in its menu.

Many other fast-food brands are introducing the plant-based burgers. However, it remains to be seen if the craze for plant-based burgers will continue for a longer duration.

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