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Trump Plans Banning Non Tobacco E-Cigarettes To Thwart Vaping Crisis

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump said that he is planning to put ban on electronic cigarettes which do not contain tobacco due to several vaping crisis. In one of the statements Alex Azar said that the US administration wants to remove flavored e-cigarettes from the market since it is causing a concerning impact on families, children, communities and schools. He also said that the government will not just stand by and watch e-cigarettes make youth addicted to nicotine.

The American president has said that vaping has turned into a profitable business in a short time period. He also said that though most of the people advocate vaping and consider it as great but in actual it’s not. Trump also made it clear that the government will find out the level of problem, in a due course of time.

Contrary to the statement made by Trump, Vaping Association of US showcased its disappointment in the decision made by American administration as they had asked anti-vaping activists to give them direction to fight against the exponential use of e-cigarettes.

One of the spokesperson of Vaping Association said that the present move of the US government will hinder the plans of millions of US citizens who has overcome their habit of smoking. On the other hand, Michigan’s governor applauded Trump administration for taking necessary steps against vaping.

While speaking to media, Governor Gretchen Whitmer said that the present step by Trump administration is beneficial for families, kids and public health. She also said that companies are luring kids to get addicted to nicotine as they are selling flavors like candy, apple juice and bubble gum. The ban on e-cigarettes in Michigan will affect offline and online sales of e-cigarettes which are devoid of tobacco. San Francisco is the first city in America which banned e-cigarettes in June.

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